Isabel Robinson is a writer and blogger from Melbourne, Australia.

Isabel was introduced to books as a young child: she loved Pig in a Muddle so much that she learnt how to recite it backwards, a trick her parents enjoyed showing off. An early career highlight was having her poetry published in Horse Lovers magazine and being paid in horse shampoo (sadly, she never had a horse).

After finishing school, Isabel studied international development, history and journalism and worked in the non-profit sector for ten years. She managed aid programs in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and China, but the niggling desire to write never left her. In 2015, she quit her job and moved to Nanjing, where she studied Mandarin and began the popular blog Nanjing Nian, chronicling her adventures in China.

On return to Melbourne, Isabel worked briefly as a high school Chinese teacher before finally admitting to herself that she is happiest when she’s writing, and nothing else feels quite right. Her work has been published in The AgeAir Niugini Magazine, The Post Courier, Upstart, and on ABC Radio Australia, and she is currently working on a novel for young adults.

When she’s not tinkering at her keyboard, Isabel can be found hanging out in her St Kilda apartment with her husband Stephen and black cat Neo, eating toast with Vegemite, singing in a choir, watching old episodes of The West Wing and SeaChange and doing cryptic crosswords. Her favourite writers are Jane Austen and Helen Garner.

She’s a bit over social media because it makes her compare herself unfavourably to other people, so if you want to get in touch, write to her via the contact form.