Quote Friday #18

November 10, 2017

Are you a Leunig fan?

I find myself drawn to his work, his child-like, often melancholy, yet still joyful take on life.

When the to-do list seems to be getting choc-a-bloc and my mind becomes feverish, I think of this quote:

“It is worth doing nothing and having a rest.”

In this age of constant productivity and self-improvement, when every minute of the day is supposed to be accounted for and spent in the most useful way, I find this idea quietly revolutionary.

What is really worth doing? What is really worth having? There are plenty of things worth doing, I think, and some very few worth having. But sometimes it is also worth doing nothing and having a rest.

x Iz

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Isabel is a writer from Melbourne. She loves long train journeys, Vegemite toast and cryptic crosswords, preferably all at once.

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    1. Oh I love this quote! My yoga teacher talks about ‘the body’s deep wish to rest’. I think it is something we have almost forgotten how to do, and when we do rest, we feel guilty or we’re so exhausted that we have a fitful rest. Big fan of rest here, in between all the doing. 🙂 x

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