Quote Friday #7

August 18, 2017

As you may be aware (hopefully by now!), I’m a SeaChange fan. The regularity with which lines and scenes from SeaChange enter my head, given it finished in 2000, is possibly cause for psychological intervention. Regardless, they do, and this week’s Quote Friday quote is from SeaChange Series 1 Episode 12 – Perchance to Dream.

In the episode, Kevin, the local caravan park owner, and his son Trevor, are preparing to set sail. Kevin, who is a little dim but kindness personified, has been working on building his boat for the past three years, getting ready for a journey around Australia. People in the town have been having bets on when and where he will sink – there is a betting ring going on at the Tropical Star (the local pub). Kevin can sense that people are laughing at him.

He and Prahni, his love interest, are standing on the beach…

Kevin: Do you get the feeling people think my boat’s a bit of a joke?

Prahni: You must not make yourself a servant to what people think. I am sure you’ve constructed an excellent vessel…


Kevin: Three years work. Two navigation courses. For what?

Prahni: Kevin, if this boat is your dream, you should stick to it, no matter if the whole world is beating at your door telling you you’re a madman

The distance between how people live, and the way they dream of living, is a vast and frightening ocean.

You are not like ordinary people. You are about to set sail.

SeaChange, ABC TV

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