Taking Stock : December

December 20, 2017

Man oh man! I just spent the better part of an hour crafting a heart-felt post about writing and the year that has (almost) been, hit publish, and then my internet cut out and away the words floated into the ether. Why did I not save it? Anyway, I started re-writing it but that felt too annoying, so I’ve decided to do Taking Stock instead. It’s not the same, but it will have to do, for now. And one day I will find the energy to rewrite that bloody post. Maybe.

Making : pita pizzas for lunch. Do you buy Jerry’s pita bread? It is SO good.
Cooking : See above
Drinking : Tea. Coffee. Orange juice. A San Pellegrino blood orange drink with dinner on Monday. Mmmm.
Reading: Force of Nature by Jane Harper
Next read: First Person by Richard Flanagan, or possibly A Little Life, or Lincoln in the Bardo (Xmas present anyone? Hint hint?) or War and Peace which I’ve been meaning to read for my entire life
Wanting: a book voucher or two from Santa
Looking: forward to doing some Christmas baking later this week. I do enjoy putting on a few tunes and splashing flour and butter about the kitchen.
Playing: the ukelele at a concert at the Sacred Heart Mission this morning. Much fun and merriment.
Deciding: not to put up Christmas decos this year. I know, scandal! But it’s only Steve and I and frankly, we don’t care enough. So there.
Wishing: that people who find Christmas hard, for various reasons, are able to either escape or find a way to deal with it all
Enjoying: Neo’s antics. He decides he wants to get into the top shelf of the cupboard to sleep, but it’s too high, so he meows until I go and stand at the cupboard, then jumps on to my shoulder, then my head, and pulls himself up. When he wants to get down – same process in reverse. He’s hilarious.
Waiting: for tomorrow morning
Liking: the fact that we have a first draft of our book. It’s not done, but it’s a v good start.
Wondering: what will happen with this book. I really don’t know.
Loving: the many kind and funny and generally good people in my life. Do feel insanely lucky to know such a great gang of humans.
Pondering: what is to come in 2018
Considering: whether my inclination to sell things on Gumtree (like the lamps in the photo) is really worth it. Maybe not.
Buying: peaches and nectarines and cherries. How good is summer fruit?
Watching: Season three of Detectorists. Who ever thought a show about a pair of metal detectors could be so great, but it is. Gentle and funny and the perfect antidote to the smash-bang-crash of world news and other horrors. If you’re unconvinced, read this review and I reckon you will be.
Next watch: A BBC show called Mum that my friend Robin recommended, about a 59-year-old woman moving on after her husband dies.
Hoping: you are able to look back on 2017 with a degree of satisfaction. I am feeling very happy with the year that (almost) was.
Marvelling: at what a big year it’s been, actually. Many twists and turns.
Cringing: when I think about Sunday night. A woman living in the flat above us fell/jumped out the window. She survived, but I don’t know how OK she is.
Needing: to make a few changes to our flat.
Questioning: traditions. Are they comforting? Are they boring? Are they easier than having to come up with new ideas?
Smelling: basil and tomato sauce
Wearing: flowery pants and a pink t-shirt. Dress code for the uke concert was ‘Hawaii Tropical’, and I ended up having a massive flowery purple 70s mumu draped over me. Noiyce!
Following: all of the trends. Food. Fashion. Books. Ha! I’m kidding. I am not very on-trend (70s mumu anyone?). I am OK with that.
Noticing: how you can decide to not be annoyed about something, and then, you won’t be. It’s up to you. The other day, I was in the bank and this woman was so incredibly annoyed at the teller for not being able to give her the amount of cash she wanted, due to the woman’s own error, not the bank’s. “Well this is ridiculous. I can see why people keep their money under their mattress,” she said as she huffed and puffed. I felt sorry for her. Some people seem to be in a constant state of irritation. Must be exhausting.
Knowing: I am very lucky and therefore should not judge people as I don’t know what their lives may be like, ie bank woman
Thinking: about our camping trip over new year. Murray River here we come! Can’t wait.
Admiring: people who work with the elderly and really give it their all.Anyone who gives things their all, actually.
Sorting: through all my school stuff from earlier this year. Would have been too emotionally wrenching to do it straight after I quit teaching, but half a year of space does wonders. I still felt sad, reading some of the kid’s work, wondering how they’re doing, but was able to get through it, and feel lighter as a result.
Getting: my camping reading list sorted
Bookmarking: Jacquie’s site because I think exciting things are in store in 2018 (no difficult-to-meet expectations though, fear not!)
Coveting: the same wallet I was coveting a month or two ago, but waiting for the Boxing Day sales because I am cheap
Disliking: consumerism, including my own tendencies
Opening: up the dashboard of my blog for the first time in ages. Sorry gang. Have been busy, what can I say.
Giggling: at Neo. He is now asleep on a pile of notebooks on my desk.
Feeling: really truly happy.
Snacking: on nothing just now, but since you mention it…I wonder what’s in the fridge?
Hearing: a blackbird twittering in the tree outside.

I may blog again before Christmas, but if I don’t, have an ace one and thanks so much for reading this year. Posts may have been somewhat sparse but I’ve still found this site to be an excellent outlet, and hope you’ve found it worthwhile following along as I slash a path through the weeds.

Much love to you, dear reader, whoever and wherever you are!

x Iz

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    1. Hi Isabel…All the best for next year, I always find ‘something” in your Posts, meaning just really nice things…Phil

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