Taking Stock: July

July 26, 2017

I was going to skip writing a blog post this week. Not that I don’t have anything to write, I have a million things I want to write about, but just that I’ve been pouring my energy into this other project and the blog takes a back seat. But then I thought – Taking Stock! The cheater’s best friend.

It also seemed fitting after reading this article on Sunday, which quoted Alain De Botton as saying “Anyone who isn’t embarrassed by who they were a year ago probably isn’t learning enough.” It rankled with me. I’m not embarrassed by my past self. I sometimes want to slap her, but more often I want to give her a hug. The notion of constant personal improvement is exhausting, isn’t it? Can’t we just be who we are, without embarrassment, without shame?

Taking Stock is a great way of recording where you’re at in a moment of time, and they’re fun to look back on too. Feel free to join in!

Making: Tiramisu (heart-attack-in-a-bowl, but delicious)
Cooking: see above
Drinking: water. Coffee. Chai tea.
Reading: Nutshell by Ian McEwan. The Feel of Steel by Helen Garner.
Trawling: through my subconscious.
Wanting: more time. I have a lot, but I always want more. I’m time-greedy.
Looking: after the important people in my life, and a couple of animals too.
Deciding: whether to go to trivia tonight
Wishing: for a house in the country with a stream in the garden, and birds in the trees.
Enjoying: where I live now
Waiting: for the jasmine buds to open
Liking: my improving ability to quieten my mind, and tell it who’s boss
Wondering: how the rest of the year will pan out.
Loving: 2017, so far.
Pondering: my decision to leave my puffer jacket at home today. In retrospect, that was unwise.
Listening: to the sound of drilling going on out in the CBD
Considering: having a mid-morning snack. I think yes.
Buying: fruit and veg from the market. I love the market. It’s the best.
Watching: Una at the cinema with my Mum last night. Pretty good. Pretty icky. Pretty sad.
Hoping: that all my travelling family members stay safe and have fun. For once I’m not the traveller! It feels good.
Marvelling: at the seagulls flying past my window. What must it be like to weigh so little and soar through the city buildings?
Needing: a massage. Man, they were so cheap and good in China. Damn you Australia and your expensive services.
Questioning: what matters in life. Relationships. A degree of security. And having something to be enthusiastic about, I think.
Smelling: my clean hair
Wearing: boots, black pants, grey turtle-neck jumper. No jacket. I am a bit cold.
Noticing: how useful routines are. They take a bit of time/effort to develop, but once they’re going, they are ever so helpful
Knowing: that I’m just where I need to be
Trouble-shooting: my car…apparently Toyota Corollas made in certain years may have faulty airbags that will explode in a crash and send out projectile metal shards to kill you? So I’m working out whether my car is in fact a time-bomb-waiting-to-happen. Woohoo!
Thinking: about birds
Admiring: teachers. It’s a hard job. Keep it up! You have my admiration.
Getting: excited about the imminent spring. Am I too obsessed with the seasons? Perhaps. I DO like winter too, but y’know, spring is ace.
Bookmarking: a couple of weeks away in October. Can you bookmark a break? I say so. And also Hourglass by Dani Shapiro, I want to read that soon.
Opening: up eTax to do my tax return.
Closing: a book I just finished and returning it to the library: The Green Road by Anne Enright.
Feeling: cold. Hungry. Inspired.
Dreaming: about swims in seas, rivers and lakes. It will be warm again soon, I think.
Hearing: someone at the office boiling the kettle. I think I need to get in on that.
Celebrating: um…no major celebrations. Celebrating the every day 🙂
Pretending: that I need to blog every week. I don’t really, do I? But I mostly like to.
Embracing: my cat Neo. Like, literally hugging him and squishing him because he is SO cute. But he doesn’t like it. He tolerates it but he definitely tries to get away. Poor Neo. All that love coming his way must be hard to handle.

Have a great week. whatever you’re up to! And I’ll check in again with Quote Friday…

x Iz

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Isabel is a writer from Melbourne. She loves long train journeys, Vegemite toast and cryptic crosswords, preferably all at once.

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    1. I think the best part of this is knowing that you are just where you need to be. I think there are so many of us who are always striving to be, or working towards being, some place else. So well done you! I think maybe as we get older we are perhaps s but kinder to our previous selves. I don’t cringe at the me I once was – but I know my kids sometimes go. We are off on a break tomorrow – having s few days in Hobart. I think you need to bookmark them otherwise they may not eventuate!

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