Taking Stock: June

June 29, 2017

I haven’t done a Taking Stock in a looooooong time. On the second last day of June, I’m taking my inspiration from Pip Lincolne and getting on board. Here’s what I’m up to, if you’re interested…

Making: baby booties to sell at an upcoming market
Cooking: vegetable soup. Thai Red Curry. Banana and date bread (this is the best recipe).
Drinking: mulled wine. Mmm. Sweet and cinnamon-y.
Reading: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. How have I not read her before? #shameonme
Trawling: through old photos on my camera from last year. Some are actually not bad!
Wanting: a new jumper for winter. I have had one on my knitting needles for about a year, but I just can’t get up the energy to take it up again. Cabling is complex!
Looking: for a new TV show to get into. Recommendations?
Deciding: whether or not to have a glass of wine with dinner. I’m trying not to drink out of habit, but sometimes a winter eve calls for a glass of red, doesn’t it?
Wishing: there was a pill I could take to stop my feet from freezing during winter. Sigh. Or maybe it’s called Stop Being Lazy and Go and Make a Hot Water Bottle
Enjoying: all the good stuff available on iView. Especially Lantana and You Can’t Ask That (this episode about centenarians had me in tears!).
Waiting: for my group certificates. Tax time = fun time when you’re not a gazillionaire.
Liking: being off social media. A lot.
Wondering: if I will go back on social media again at some point. Why I like blogging but not social media. Is that hypocritical? Possibly.
Loving: the fact that I received a hand written letter in the mail yesterday, all the way from Philippa in London. So fun to have a pen-pal again.
Pondering: what was going on with the woman at the beach today. I was taking Rose the dog for a walk, and she ran up to this lady and her large dog and was growling a bit (she is tiny) and the lady yelled “GET THE BASTARD OFF!” It seemed quite an overreaction. Maybe she had had a bad day.
Listening: to Steve watching a show in the bedroom. I think it’s Fresh Meat.
Considering: becoming an English tutor to refugees
Buying: tickets to Merrily We Roll Along. We did this musical in school. #nostalgia
Watching: nothing much, to be honest. I need a new show.
Hoping: that my brother’s landed safely in Sri Lanka. He’s gone away for a whole year! Sob. I will miss him.
Marvelling: at how easy it is to hop about the globe, if you’re from Australia. But then, it’s not so easy for everyone.
Cringing: at the situation with aged care in this country. Did anyone watch Four Corners on Monday about Aveo and how they rip off the elderly? Truly disgusting. Thank goodness for the ABC shining a light on these things.
Needing: to change into my cosy wind-down clothes. It’s that time of day.
Questioning: my abilities, but trying not to. Trying to trust in them instead of always questioning.
Smelling: parmesan cheese
Wearing: my polk-a-dot silk pants over leggings (warm) and a black turtle neck jumper under my black puffer jacket. It’s my go-to. Not sure how I used to survive winter without my puff.
Noticing: a small pain in my back. Sigh.
Knowing: that winter will pass and then it will be spring and then summer and then autumn and so on and so forth. How comforting.
Thinking: about joining a community theatre group again.
Admiring: all the amazing people out there doing what they do, standing up for people that otherwise might not have their voice heard. Like journalists. And people who run community theatre groups.
Getting: worried about Rose the dog. She hasn’t been herself, not eating her food. I hope she’s OK.
Bookmarking: these Ask Polly articles. There is one every day this week to celebrate Heather’s new book, How To Be A Person in the World, coming out!
Opening: a tin of cat food for Neo’s dinner. It smells SO gross, but he loves it. Weird creature.
Closing: the back door on the fat possum who keeps coming in to our kitchen and stealing bananas. And cheese!
Feeling: not-so-secretly glad that we have a month off from choir practice. I love it, but always nice to have a break.
Hearing: cars going past on the street outside.
Celebrating: my 33rd birthday, almost. Yikes!
Pretending: that I’m not scared. I am, a bit. But that’s OK.
Embracing: my cat. My freedom. My health. My friends. My family. The city of Melbourne. All the good things I have. I am SO lucky.

What are you up to right at this moment? What are you wanting/noticing/smelling/embracing?


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