Taking Stock : October

October 30, 2017

October is almost over! Let’s take stock of this moment while we can…

Making: presents for some upcoming birthdays…but it’s top secret
Cooking: lentil sausage rolls (so the word sausage is obsolete, but ‘lentil rolls’ sounds kinda gross) to take to choir tomorrow morning
Drinking: orange juice from the South Melbourne Market. Mmm.
Reading: Bleaker House by Nell Stevens
Trawling: through old family photos
Wanting: more time more time more time
Looking: forward to getting back out into nature over summer. Haven’t been camping since January and I miss it.
Deciding: whether the rolls need another five minutes. I think so. Golden is golden.
Wishing: someone had not smashed my car window on Thursday night and that I did not have to pay $328 to get it fixed. But them’s the breaks
Enjoying: meeting Carly Findlay last week at the office. She’s awesome, and it’s nice to write next to another writer. Writers unite!
Waiting: for the last tray to cook before I can go to bed
Liking: Big Mouth on Netflix. It’s rude, but pretty funny.
Wondering: how people write books and have children. Is it possible?
Loving: these awesome bird lampshades I bought on Etsy last week. So nice to wake up to parrots and kookaburras, even if only pictures of them.
Pondering: going back (cautiously) on to social media. Hmm…
Listening: to Faure’s Requiem in preparation for an upcoming concert. So beautiful. Sigh. And also this interesting Conversations podcast ep with keen bird watcher Sean Dooley. I love passionate people don’t you?
Considering: monetary matters.
Buying: potting mix and basil seedlings.
Watching: seagulls flying outside my office window (I started this on Saturday night, but now it’s Monday arvo. I got distracted!)
Hoping: Steve had a nice time visiting friends in NSW
Marvelling: at the way the light enters a room. Soft, bright, direct, filtered. I’m so light aware. Physically hate sitting in restaurants or rooms with glaring fluro lights. Ugh!
Cringing: at people who spend all day playing computer games. I mean, I like a good game (well, I used to), but all day? But maybe I’m being judgmental. The gamers probably cringe at people who spend all day writing. So, each to their own, live and let live, horses for courses etc. Or as the Chinese would say, 萝卜白菜,个有所爱。Which means ‘radishes, cabbages, each to their own.’ I love Chinese sayings.
Needing: to sell my iMac computer. Anyone need a Mac desktop? It’s great, I just don’t have the space or the need anymore.
Questioning: the relative merits of keeping my out-of-home office space. Need to make a pros and cons list.
Smelling: coffee
Wearing: black op-shop top, red flowery skirt that I bought in Trentham with Mum some years ago. Still going strong!
Noticing: how long this list is!
Knowing: that I can finish it
Thinking: about how many people there are out there who write. It’s a lonely thing and you can feel that at times, but actually, there are loads of us
Admiring: George Saunders. This is a great article about writing, if you’re interested.
Getting: excited to see some old Sydney friends tomorrow night for dinner
Bookmarking: lots of unknown (to me) ‘Middle Grade’ fiction (ie for kids 8-12 yrs) authors. If you’re going to write it, you’ve got to read it
Opening: a letter from VicRoads telling me that in a month’s time I’ll be off my Ps! And I’m only 33! #proud
Closing: my laptop soon to get on my bike and ride home
Feeling: surprisingly relaxed and happy
Dreaming: of buying a house in the country with a garden writing studio, and a stream running through the back yard
Hearing: still Faure.
Celebrating:my Dad’s 70th birthday on Sunday. Happy birthday Dad! You’re the best Dad ever.
Pretending: that I’m more sure of myself than I am. Sometimes you have to be pretend-confident to yourself, buck yourself up. “Self, you are so amazing! You are awesome! I believe in you!” I write notes and emails to myself more often than may be normal. I even sent my future self a postcard from Sri Lanka! Weird? Maybe. But I am a little weird.
Embracing: My weirdness.

Are you a little weird too? I hope so.

Wishing you a mucho happy week full of lentil rolls and good books

Signing out,

x Iz

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